9 Best Tools for Managing Employees Remotely

communicationThe concept of working from home is getting more popular nowadays. According to many accounts, allowing employees to work from home can help boost their productivity and increase the company’s turnover. Indeed, employees don’t need to spend time on the commute and an employer can save on the rent of office premises just for one thing. The question arises, though, what tools the employer can use for managing employees to make the remote workflow effective.

Tools for Managing Employees Remotely

googlechat1. Google+ Hangouts.

Using this software, you will be able to hold meetings with up to ten people with a Google+ account. The advantage is that participants of the online conference don’t need to have some specific operating system (Apple, Android, or Windows) as Google+ Hangouts is compatible with all of them.

This is an excellent piece of software to use if you want to keep records of how much time your employees actually spend on doing tasks. The program snaps screenshots from time to time so you will know whether your employee is working with a spreadsheet in Excel or typing a message on Facebook. You will have to pay 15$ each month after a 14-day free trial period to use the program.

Another great tool for managing employees that will not only watch how much time your workers spend at desks (with the help of a webcam) but also check what applications they are using and how actively they are typing and doing mouse movements. Using the app will cost you 20$ per month after a 30-day trial.

ropbox2. Dropbox.

This online file storage allows you to share documents and files with anyone you choose via the cloud. Its free version allows using 3GB of storage space, while the paid one offers 50GB for 99$ per year.

If you get tired of being bombarded with hundreds of work emails every day, consider installing Asana on your computer. The app will help you track conversations with remote workers through organizing them by tasks and projects. You can try the program for free, but using the full version will cost you 21$ per month.

skype3. Skype.

The program is incredibly popular, but not all of its users know that it has a paid option, Skype Premium. Using it, you can hold a video conference with up to 10 people. This means you will be able to deliver your message to all of your remote employees at once.

google-calendar4. Google Calendar.

This service allows you to share online calendars that contain information on projects, their deadlines, travel schedules, etc. with specific people.

Yammer allows employees to communicate with each other online without strangers being able to read the stuff.

basecamp5. Basecamp.

Use it for 25$ a month (after a 60-day trial) to keep the tasks of your team as well the clients’ projects in order. You will also be able to monitor discussions, scheduling, documents, etc.

Managing employees effectively is not an easy task that takes a lot of effort. Still, investing in programs that can help you with time tracking, communication, managing data, etc. is certainly a step towards making this task easier.

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