Tips On Cleaning A Dirty Home After Christmas

Christmas means leaving home assistants back and forth and you have to work with your husband and children to clean the house. Confused how to clean a dirty house before and after Christmas? how to clean your house can be a solution to the problem of cleanliness of space and your whole house if you do not have time because of busyness and your activities that cannot be disturbed.

Front Porch

The front porch is the first part of the house to be the choice of guests while visiting. The first step you need to do to clean it up is to prepare a laundry basket. Wear shoes, sandals and everything scattered on the porch into it. Then check the cobwebs that may hang on the front wall of the house by turning on the porch lights. Then mop the terrace floor and do not forget to put anti-germ liquid when cleaning it. Replace a dirty mat with clean ones.

Living room

This place becomes an area where many guests spend time in your home. Get rid of unnecessary items such as toys that are scattered after being removed when playing with relatives on Christmas Day. Put those items into large shopping bags. Once the area is slightly ‘clean’ of the scattered object, start cleaning the table from the stains that stick with the rag. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt of the crumbs that stick to the carpet or floor.


Although the possibilities are not great, it is possible that guests will enter your bathroom. Clean the bathroom with a paper towel that has been moistened with alcohol. Clean brush mirror, sink, faucet, and toilet. It is important for you not to miss the floor cleaning of hair loss.

Dirty plate

To remove oil and odors from coconut milk, do not just rinse it. It’s good you also pay attention to the soap used. Choose a cleaning fluid with utensils that provide anti-bacterial benefits. Washing dishes is so efficient because the soap cleans faster.

Before washing the cutlery, you can soak it in warm water. This is done to remove oil and coconut milk attached. If there is a food stick, let the dirt off by itself when soaked in warm water. This will make you less tired when you scrub the plates. For very dirty pots, soak overnight with salt-mixed water.